Sustaining future growth: Identifying the new demand drivers for success.

Value proposition

The world has changed.  Companies are facing the prospect of lower growth, and their profit margins are under pressure.  Credit conditions are getting worse.  The short-term focus of financial markets is driving increased volatility in key areas such as interest and exchange rates, energy and commodity prices.  The external environment is also more uncertain, as anger mounts in the wider population over the impact of the financial crisis.
But its not all bad news.  Our insight into these global changes can help your business realign its strategies with the new demand drivers that will sustain future growth. 
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This Workshop will therefore:

  • Highlight how demographics drive demand.  1982 – 2007 saw an economic supercycle, created by the Western BabyBoomers born between 1946 – 1970.  They were the largest and wealthiest generation that the world has ever seen.  As they began to settle down and have children, so demand soared for housing, cars and all the things necessary for modern life.  Easy credit, and lower lending standards, helped to support this boom.
  • Explain how a generational change is now underway.  The Boomers are moving towards retirement, when people typically save more and spend less.  The oldest became 65 years old in 2011, and the average Boomer has joined the New Old 55+ generation in 2013.    They also benefit from the longest life expectancy that the world has ever seen.  So they have to spend less and save more, to preserve the value of their pensions.  
  • Explode the myth that the emerging economies, led by China and India, can somehow substitute for this change in demand patterns.  Average incomes in these countries are only a tenth of those in the West.  And they face challenges of their own.  Their economies have been export-driven, focused on supplying products to the west.  Now they have to refocus on domestic markets. Their demand will also be for much more basic products and services. 
  • Help you to understand the implications of these changes for your business.  The Workshop will identify the key megatrends for the future, and enable you to develop strategies for core functional areas including sales and marketing, manufacturing, research and product development.  It will also provide you with case studies from the consumer markets that are driving these changes, to guide your thinking and enable you to avoid costly mistakes.
  • Motivate your organisation to accept that whilst a hard road lies ahead, the next few years offer a unique opportunity for personal and corporate development.  It will achieve this by helping you to reposition the business to deliver societal value as well as traditional financial metrics.  We will assist you to develop realistic plans for the future, and to support their implementation by aligning your wider organisation with the targets established by the leadership team. 

The world is becoming a very different place as we transition to the New Normal.  We recognise that this presents different challenges for each company.  The Workshop will therefore be tailor-made for your specific needs.  It will also be delivered in-house by experienced professionals, who fully understand the challenges ahead, and can help guide your business to future success.